Karen is available to present any of the following lectures:

  • Getting Started with Your Ancestral Research
  • Organizing Your Genealogical Research
  • Genealogy Brick Walls
  • Are Your Ancestors Hiding in the Census Records?
  • Finding and Understanding Your Ancestor’s Occupation(s) in the Census Records
  • 1940 Census and Enumeration Districts / Maps
  • Looking in All the Right Places: An Overview of Geography & Genealogy
  • Migration and Mapping: Oh, The Places Your Ancestors Have Been - Where Did They Go?
  • Photography & Genealogy
  • Those Pesky Forms - Why We Still Need Them!
  • Genealogy 101 - Will They Attend?: Developing and Coordinating a Successful Workshop
  • It’s All in the Design: Creating an Effective Website

Brochure / Form Designer or Web Designer:

  • Create brochures / forms or Websites to your specifications using your ideas, logos, specialized graphics, contact information, etc.
  • Website:
    • Create a site or maintain your current site
    • Assistance in improving search engine capabilities and strategies
    • Assistance in selecting a Web Hosting service to meet your needs and registering a domain name
    • Assistance in uploading your completed Website to the hosting service in the public domain

Please contact me if your genealogy society is interested in any of the above services. Fees are negotiable.





Cobb County Georgia Genealogical Society, Inc.

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